Sunday, August 14, 2011

Module 5: Concept Map

I have extensive experience in using the dynamic resources as shown on the graphic organizer. I believe that most of my work is done using this side, especially in the area of dynamic webpages and interactive websites that support student learning. That said, I have found that there is a place for some of the static resources as well to ensure that I meet the needs of all learners, some of who learn better with some static resources. In this case, a mixture of both resources is important. With this said, my goal is to continue to embrace new technologies and opportunities as they are developed and ensure that I am using the dynamic tools effectively. My belief is that there is always a way to improve and I will continue to strive for that improvement.

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  1. Hi Carol. I agree that both static and dynamic technologies are important. Do you find that you are limited as to using static technologies when there are time constraints? Good display of the information.